This page is for AfterShock the first game created by Focus Studios, this page will include news, updates, images, videos and everything you need to know about the AfterShock.

Development Going Strong! #AFTERSHOCK #BLACKBOX

Hello Fellow Survivors! Hope you are all enjoying your week, just here to quickly share a quick update about development. As in our recent posts we do not tend to post on steam anymore due to us leaving steam early access (full launch will be on steam) and deciding to go through our own custom launcher. We have seen a few comments from people who havent been kept into the loop so here i am to nullify and rumors that development is "Dead". At the beginning of this year the development team went from just being Sam, to four new programmers! Development has been faster than ever and we have been doing livestreams and youtube videos to keep everyone in the loop. You can keep up to date on our discord here: Or on our Socials: We are currently working on the dedicated servers we plan to release along side the game for anyone to setup. Thanks everyone for their ongoing support. We hope to be able to make the game i set out to create when it was just me as a lone developer. [AT THE END OF THIS UPDATE IS A POST FROM OUR DISCORD I WROTE IN RESPONSE TO THE HURRY UP WHERE IS THE GAME? COMMENTS.] To point out something about that 3 year date. We actually started around the end of 2015 to early 2016 and it has only really been Sam doing work on the game until this year. It was mostly a passion project. Sam 100% admit his faults In the past for setting two release dates he could not hit. That's why instead we have a goal of mid 2019 which right now is reasonable to the team. Progress is great now and I hope that the updates have been good for you guys here (On Discord). As for anyone who has backed on humble and don't read updates or understand that when your backing currently that it's to secure a testing spot and to support the team to make this game. If anyone has backed and wants out because they want some buggy trash game out soon then please look elsewhere. As we want to make the best game that we can. Look to Survive The Nights, they got rushed out by consumers and look what happened, a good Dev team with a promising game gone down hill due to rushing. We are so grateful that we get to work in this industry, we wont let you down. Stay Tuned BLACKBOX STUDIOS. ːAfterShockːːAfterShockSurvivorː

31st / August / 2018

Still Active + Update from 28/06/2018 #AFTERSHOCK #BLACKBOX

Hello everyone! We have been still actively reading our steam discussions and comments left on update posts and have noticed a few people asking if the game is active in development still or where the update posts are? Time to answer that question for people who didn't read our other update posts (Which i recommend doing!)

We have moved all of our updates to our forums and discord: We are very active here so feel free to join to ask any questions, as mentioned in our previous posts we wont be doing testing through steam due to the restrictions there are on this platform. Instead we are going through our own custom launcher. Below is our latest update post and some extra screenshots. :)
- AI is coming along well, @James [Programmer/Game] has been working on it for the past week or so. There will be three stages of "Craziness" which we will showcase once ready. - New vehicle added [School Bus] (Every seat can be used!) - New vehicle added [ATV] (Two People Max) - New Fern Foliage which is affected by yourself and other physical things. - New Sound system which AI can use to detect you. - Added the Lee Enfield Back. created by @Andre [Senior 3D Artist] - Animation overhaul: - New Movement Animations when Unarmed - New Swimming Animations - New Rifle Animations - New Prone Animations - New Full body system with locomotion in the works. - New Sliding Animations - Sliding System - Prone System - Height UI (Shows stance) - Added new UI which shows your stats for health, hunger and thirst in a text form (Image Below) - Fixed bug where you couldn't exit vehicles if you flipped it. - Added vehicle storage and fuel cap. - AI can now ragdoll when hit by vehicles - Weather system (Snow) - Freelook - Added Lucille - Added Loading Screen when loading in chunks of the terrain from level streaming - Removed Bambies.

30th / June / 2018


Come check it out here:

4th / April / 2018

Best Place To Keep Up To Date On News - DISCORD.GG/AFTERSHOCK

Hello Everyone! If you havent already please read the previous post, we recommend you do so before reading this. As you know we have been working on our own Launcher. We have good news, everything is on track! We are really happy with the progress being made both in game and on the launcher. But this means we will be stepping away from focusing our updates here. We hope to post weekly updates on our discord and on the launcher news feed. Currently the team have done alot of the core features of the launcher, they are now currently working on the social features such as the profile pages, friends list, chat ECT. Thanks to everyone who has supported us with this change off steam, we will return to steam on full release meaning the game will no longer release in early access on steam. We feel like the EA system on steam isnt what we want for our game. We would much rather work closer with the community to build the game the right way.

DISCORD: Thanks for reading, I will be pinning this as our last post here on steam for now. We will be posting our updates elsewhere. ~ BLACKBOX

6th / March / 2018


Hello Everyone! Welcome to the latest update of everything AFTERSHOCK. We have alot of information to share so lets get started!

We have officially decided to change our name from Focus Studios to BLACKBOX. This decision came up when deciding the name for our Launcher, FOCUS launcher just didnt sound good. Along with the new name we also have some new names to welcome. - Aidan [Programmer/Launcher Team] - Steven [Programmer/Launcher Team] - Dom [Servers/Launcher Team] Be sure to give them a warm welcome :)
If you have backed the game you will be able to recieve the Launcher for the game in Late March (Do note the testing is set for before MID 2018, the launcher is being sent out prior for us to get things ready). This also does confirm some of the rumors going around, the game will not be releasing into early access on steam, it will be released as a full game title on steam once its ready, testing will be reserved to everyone who backs the game, that means we are cutting ties with steam for now, we will not be using their platform just yet. If you have any questions about this contact me or join our discord for more info. We hope you are just as excited as we are for this launchers release, it will support any future titles by us. More info will be posted as time goes on.
We also have some good news for our backers. If you back the game, you are guarenteed access to testing. We hope to start testing before MID 2018.
Here are some photos of the work done in the art department currently: Kind Regards, BLACKBOX

8th / February / 2018